To match the new graphic on the 2021 race skis, Fischer has updated the look of its race bindings for this season with a lot more yellow than black. 

For junior racers, Fischer offers three options that will work with its junior race skis. The lowest DIN range comes with the Fischer Z9 GW AC Junior Race Binding. With a DIN range of 2.5-9, this binding is designed for lightweight athletes or first-time racers who require a lower DIN setting. Once an athlete starts consistently skiing at a DIN setting of 5 or higher, we suggest stepping up to the Fischer RC4 Z11 Freeflex Jr. Race Binding, which comes with a DIN range of 3-11.

The beefiest junior race binding offered by Fischer is the Fischer RC4 Z13 Freeflex Junior Race Binding, which features a DIN range of 4-13. New for 2021, Fischer has gotten rid of the tank tread type AFD on this binding, replacing it with a solid piece of plastic that allows for a more stable connection between the boot and binding. This results in more precise power transmission to the ski. We suggest the Z13 binding for high-level junior racers, or those who are skiing at a higher DIN setting.

For adults, Fischer offers a number of race bindings with varying retention properties. The Fischer RC4 Z17 Freeflex Race Binding is the first option in adult racing bindings. With a DIN range of 6-17, this binding can accommodate a wide range of athletes. We suggest it for anyone skiing at a DIN setting of 7 or higher. Next up is the Fischer RC4 Z18X RD Freeflex Race Binding with a DIN range of 8-18. With more metal than the Z17, the Z18X is a serious race binding with serious retention properties. It is meant for high level athletes who are skiing at a DIN setting of 10 or higher. Lastly, the Fischer Z20X RD Freeflex Race Binding is the top-of-the-line race binding from Fischer. With a DIN range of 10-20, this binding doesn’t mess around. 

Fischer 2021 lineup of race bindings include: