With Fischer race skis, everything is new for 2021. From junior to adult racing skis, Fischer has completely redesigned their entire quiver.

On the junior side of things, Fischer has revamped the RC4 WC Jr SL and RC4 WC Jr GS with a new shape and race plate. The race plate is probably the biggest change from Fischer, which had traditionally relied on a two-piece plate for both adult and junior skis. New for 2021, Fischer is moving to a one-piece M/O race plate designed with a floating element underneath the top piece of the binding. This has the impact of reducing “dead spots” throughout the turn and providing young athletes exactly the right level of flex for smooth, solid turns at every level.

For 2021, Fischer’s junior slalom and giant slalom skis come in 5cm increments, which makes finding the right size for your young, growing athlete simple. 

For athletes transitioning from a junior to adult ski, Fischer is back with its incredibly popular RC4 WC Tweener GS Race Ski. Available in the 175cm and 180cm sizes, this ski is constructed more like an adult ski than a junior one, but it is slightly softer and has a shorter radius, making it easier to turn and handle for developing athletes. This is a great option for developing athletes who have outgrown the junior skis but aren’t yet heavy enough for the adult models. 

On the adult side of things, Fischer is back with updated versions of the RC4 World Cup GS and RC4 World Cup SL skis. Similar to the junior skis, Fischer has added a new M/O race plate to its adult lineup. This one-piece plate replaces the traditional two-piece plates found on Fischer for years. The design is meant to allow the race ski to flex more truly. Early testing has shown the new M/O plate to be a positive development. 

In the RC4 WC SL, Fischer makes three sizes -- 155cm, 158cm, and 165cm. The skis get stiffer the greater the length. We suggest the 155cm for USSA women, or younger male athletes; the 158cm for FIS level women; and the 165cm for high-level USSA and FIS men. 

In the RC4 WC GS, Fischer makes both FIS and non FIS versions. The World Cup FIS GS ski comes in 188cm and 193cm and has a radius of greater than 30 meters, making it legal for FIS competition. The non FIS model comes in a 183cm size and has a 25 meter radius, making it legal for all levels of USSA competition. 

Fischer full race ski lineup for 2021 includes: