Head’s race bindings have been updated for the 2021 season with new technology and graphics that are sure to make Head athletes happy. As a reminder, Head bindings are made by Tyrolia, the same company that makes Fischer bindings. This means that both Head and Fischer bindings are interchangeable and will work on either brand of race skis.

For junior racers, Head has three binding options. The lowest DIN binding is the Head Evo 9, with a DIN range that starts at 2.5. This binding is ideal for first time or very lightweight junior racers. Although the DIN range goes to 9, we recommend this binding only for junior racers skiing at a DIN setting of 3 to 6. For junior racers requiring a DIN of 6 or greater, we recommend the Head Freeflex 11. This binding has a DIN range of 3-11 and is ideal for younger, aggressive athletes who have outgrown the Evo 9. The Head junior binding with the greatest retention properties is the Head Freeflex ST 14, which comes with a DIN range of 4-14. This binding is a real race binding, with a solid AFD for direct power transmission to the ski. We recommend this binding for strong U12 or U14 racers who consistently ski at a DIN setting of greater than 5.

When it comes to adult bindings, Head offers a number of race options. The Head Freeflex ST 16 is the lowest DIN adult race binding with a DIN range that goes from 5-16. This binding is highly versatile and will work for all but the most aggressive athletes. If you require a beefier binding, the next step up is the Head Freeflex ST 16X RD with a DIN range of 8-16. This binding has more metal than the ST 16 and thus provides greater retention. The ST 16X RD also features a 25% lower contact point between the rollers and the ski boot, which adds increased precision throughout the turn. For athletes requiring the highest retention properties on the market, Head makes the Freeflex ST 20X RD with a DIN range of 10-20. This binding is for high level FIS athletes skiing at the highest level of competition.

The 2021 Head race binding lineup includes: