Head race skis have only grown in popularity the last few years. And with solid results on the World Cup, it’s not hard to see why. New for 2021, Head has revamped its race ski line with some exciting new technologies.

The Head junior race ski lineup is completely redesigned for 2021. The biggest change is a new race plate, which has “floating” properties that allow the ski to flex more smoothly underneath. The result of this new race plate technology is a ski that skis easier and more truly. In addition to the new race plate, the Head Worldcup Rebels i.SL RD Team Jr slalom ski comes with a slightly different shape across most sizes. The Head Worldcup Rebels i.GS RD Team Jr. giant slalom ski comes with the new race plate and a similar shape to the 2020 skis. 

New for 2021, Head is adding a “tweener” slalom ski to its lineup: the Head Worldcup Rebels e-SL Tweener SL. Available in the 151cm size, this highly-anticipated ski fills a gap between Head's junior slalom race ski and adult FIS slalom ski. This tweener model features the construction and race plate of the FIS slalom ski, but is shorter and softer, providing another option for younger, developing athletes. 

Head has also made some changes to its adult race ski lineup. The new 2021 Head Worldcup Rebels e-SL FIS slalom skis feature a slightly wider tail than the 2020 model. This is designed to provide greater power and energy out of the turn, allowing racers to generate more speed with each turn. Other new features on the slalom ski include a newly designed tip protector that promises to be more durable, and a new Energy Management Circuit (EMC), which is designed to reduce vibrations.

The Head Worldcup Rebels e-GS FIS giant slalom ski also has some notable upgrades for 2021. By making the ski slightly narrower in the tip and wider in the tail, the skis generate more thrust out of the end of the turn. Additionally, the Head FIS GS ski comes with the new EMC vibration tuning technology. Available in 188cm and 193cm models, the Head FIS ski has a radius of greater than 30 meters and is meant for FIS level athletes.

For those athletes looking for a GS race ski with a less than 30 meter radius, Head has the Worldcup Rebels e-GS Non-FIS race ski. This ski is similar to the 2020 model, but features the new EMC vibration tuning technology. 

Head’s full race ski lineup for 2021 includes: