Lange’s race boots are by far the most popular race boots on the market. And for good reason. These boots work well for nearly everyone. For the 2021 season, Lange is not changing the construction or graphics on their boots, but they are introducing an exciting new model this year: The Lange World Cup Z Soft. This boot fills the gap between the Lange 90 flex junior boot and the 120 flex ZJ boot, previously the softest flexing boot in the Lange World Cup race boot line. The Z Soft comes with all the bells and whistles of the World Cup Z-Series boots: a dual injected shell, the race lace-up liner, and the narrow last that allows for precise power transmission to the skis. The only difference is that the boot flexes much easier. Early results from summer testing have shown this boot to perform incredibly well for younger athletes.

For younger athletes just starting out, we recommend the Lange RSJ 65. This is a great entry level boot for young racers or kids just out there having fun. From the RSJ 65, the next step up is the Lange RS 70 SC, a 70 flex race boot meant for U12 and U14 athletes. After the 70 comes the Lange RS 90, a slightly stiffer version of the same boot for athletes who have progressed beyond a70 flex boot. Both the Lange RS 70 and 90 come with a shorter cuff to accommodate athletes with shorter legs.

After the RS 90, athletes enter Lange’s Z-Series race boots -- starting with the Z Soft at around a 110 flex (mentioned above). From there, the Z-Series boots get progressively stiffer. The ZJ has a flex of around 120, the ZA has a flex of 130, the ZB has a flex of 140, and the ZC with a flex of 150. 

Lange’s full race boot lineup for 2021 are: