Marker race bindings have for years been some of the most reliable race bindings on the market. For 2021, Marker has made some changes to its adult race bindings, while the junior bindings remain the same.

For junior race bindings, Marker offers a number of different retention options. The Marker Junior Race 8 binding is the entry-level binding for junior racers. With a DIN range of 2-8, this binding is best for first-time racers or lightweight U10 or younger athletes. The Race 8 binding is designed to work with junior boot sole lengths (generally size 22 and below). For slightly heavier junior athletes with an adult boot sole (generally 23 and larger), Marker offers the Race 10 TCX binding. This binding has a DIN range of 3-10 and is appropriate for athletes skiing at a DIN setting of 3.5 or greater. 

The biggest changes for 2021 come in the adult bindings. Marker has moved away from the X-Cell series of bindings, introducing the new X-Comp series. The X-Comp features a three hole pattern in the toe piece, as opposed to the four hole pattern on the X-Cell. This design change makes the binding slightly more forgiving, allowing athletes to recover more easily when they get off balance. In the X-Comp series, Marker offers three retention options. The X-Comp 12 has a DIN range of 4-12. The X-Comp 16 has a DIN range of 6-16. And the X-Comp 18 has a DIN range of 8-18.

Marker’s 2021 race binding lineup includes: