Blizzard Firebird GS Racing Skis 2019 (25 meter, Non-FIS)
Blizzard Firebird GS Racing Skis 2019 (Non-FIS)

Blizzard Firebird GS Racing Skis 2019 (25 meter, Non-FIS)

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The 2019 Blizzard Firebird GS FIS Racing (25m, Non-FIS) adult race skis have been race winners at all levels of ski racing including USSA races.  The 2019 Blizzard Firebird GS FIS Racing (25-meter) race ski is legal for USSA (Men and Ladies) U19's, U16's, and U14's, along with Masters racers.

Blizzard 2019 Non-FIS GS Skis:
184cm (>25 meter radius)
188cm (>25 meter radius)

Blizzard Firebird GS Racing Skis are handmade in Austria, and feature a Rapid Tip Profile combined with the perfect blend of spring steel and wood core.  The Rapid Tip Profile featured on Blizzard GS skis allows the highest level skiers to achieve a much quicker turn initiation. The result is additional grip and stability on hard packed and icy race surfaces, while not inhibiting the fore/aft flex of the ski.

Blizzard skis come from the manufacturer's factory raceroom not fully prepared for racing. Blizzard GS skis are set at the factory with a 1 degree base bevel and 3 degree side angle. Peak Performance recommends for GS skis a .5-.7 degree base bevel, 3 degree side angle, sidewalls pulled from the edge, and race wax applied.  In our drop-down menus above, we offer several levels of race preparation to choose from as options.  Please refer to the Race Tuning & Services page for more information and advanced options, and in your order notes please tell us what base angle you prefer if you are choosing the Elite or World Cup Prep add on.  Premium prep does not include base edge modification.

Blizzard race skis require the use of Marker bindings - Marker's XCell 12, XCell 16 and XCell 18.  Please refer to the drop-down menu if you need to add bindings to your order.

2019 Blizzard race skis are the ski of choice for Alpine World Cup skiers Florian Eisath (Team Italy) and Robby Kelley (US Ski Team.)

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