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Boot Lift Installation on Race Ski Boots
Boot Lift Installation on Race Ski Boots

Boot Lifts Installed (Parts and labor)

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Boot lifts are a performance enhancement for elite level skiers and ski racers. Boot lifts increase the height of the ski boot from the ski which enables the skier or racer to turn more powerfully and effectively and prevents "booting out."   Boot lifts are available (or can be custom made) for every ski boot made. 

Installing lift to the ski boots takes the toe and heel out of DIN spec and they will no longer fit into a ski binding, so once the boot lifts are installed the toes and heels of the ski boots need to be set back to DIN spec with a router. This should only be done by a professional. Any slight error or difference between boots could affect the boot and binding interface.

To install boot lifts we:
  • Determine the proper boot lift to install
  • Pre-drill the hole patterns in the boot soles
  • Screw the boot lifts to the boots with the appropriate screws
  • Router the boot sole back to DIN spec
This boot lift install service includes 3 or 5mm boot lifts and labor. Trust all of your ski racing performance enhancements to Peak Performance Ski Shop.

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