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I am writing to thank you for the excellent boot fitting service Andrew provided me earlier this winter! I purchase a pair of Head B3 RDs from you last winter, and had some more work done to them this winter. We made adjustments to the top of my right foot and toe box, lowered my footbeds and did some stance work. Now that these boots are dialed in to my liking i am LOVING them and the wonders the work has done for my skiing. I have about 20 days on the boots so far and this weekend I was finally able to rip some nice turns on some hard snow and was smiling from ear to ear all day long. I am comfortable in them for a full days skiing and don't really feel the need to unbuckle in the lift line. I am loving the fit. So this is my thank you for the excellent service and the added performance I've received in turn! Thank you! Jay K. via Facebook