Customs, duties and taxes/VAT vary by country. The duty is based on the type and price of merchandise being imported by (you) the customer. The origin on all packages we ship will be the actual country of origin of the product. For ski related product it is ordinarily France, Czech Republic, Austria, China, Germany, or Italy and occasionally USA. If you do not know your customs, duty, tax/VAT rules, you should contact your local governing body to determine. We highly recommend you do this prior to placing your order so you are not surprised when the order arrives. Please be aware of the realistic costs associated with purchasing items from the United States and having them shipped Internationally. Refusing to accept delivery of your Peak Performance Ski Shop order due to the requirement of paying fees associated with international duties and taxes will result in a restocking fee by Peak Performance. 

Every International order we ship will be correctly marked as 'merchandise' and will include a commercial invoice for the retail cost of the merchandise. Brokerage fees, customs duty and taxes/VAT are the customers responsibility. Please do not request the order be shipped as a 'GIFT' to try to avoid these fees. 

 Thank you for understanding our shipping policies and shopping at Peak Performance Ski Shop. We are trying to make International shipments easy and efficient for both our business and our customers.