Dynastar Speed WC GS Skis 2019 (Non-FIS)
Dynastar Speed WC GS Skis 2019 (Non-FIS)

Dynastar Speed WC GS Skis 2019 (Non-FIS)

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The 2019 Dynastar Speed WC Non-FIS GS skis are proven race winners.  These skis have a tighter radius than the FIS version, making them an easier ski to handle in USSA racing.  Current USSA regulations for U14's through U21's require a GS ski that is greater than 17 meters in radius, with no ski length requirement.  The strongest skis for the strongest athletes will still be the FIS designed skis, (e.g. the 193 and 188 lengths) but for athletes who are younger and/or less powerful, or athletes skiing shorter GS course sets, this type of Non-FIS ski can be the ideal tool for achieving great results.
  • 165:  106-65-87 (19.0 m radius) USSA Legal for Masters, U21-U14, Men and Ladies
  • 170:  104-65-87 (21.0 m radius) USSA Legal for Masters, U21-U14, Men and Ladies
  • 175:  102-65-85 (23.0 m radius) USSA Legal for Masters, U21-U14, Men and Ladies
  • 182:  103-65-85 (25.0 m radius) USSA Legal for Masters, U21-U14, Men and Ladies
New for 2019, Dynastar's adult GS skis come with the one piece Look R22 race plate for increased edge grip.  The 2019 Dynastar Speed WC GS Non-FIS Ski delivers a genuine advantage through power turn rocker, Cascade Tip and world cup laminate wood and Titanal construction  These attributes provide quicker turn initiation, super-fast edge changes and incredible stability.  

Dynastar skis come from the manufacturer's factory raceroom not fully prepared for racing.  Dynastar GS skis are set at the factory with a 1 degree base bevel and 1 degree side angle.  Peak Performance recommends for GS skis a .7 degree base bevel, 3 degree side angle, sidewalls pulled from the edge, and race wax applied.  In our drop-down menu above, we offer several levels of race preparation to choose from as options.  Please refer to the Race Tuning & Services page for more information and advanced options, and in your order notes please tell us what base angle you prefer if you are choosing the Elite or World Cup Prep add on.  Premium prep does not include base edge modification.

The 2019 Dynastar GS skis are designed to be used with Look Rockerflex bindings - SPX 15 Rockerflex, SPX 12 Rockerflex.  This binding incorporates all 4 heel screws in front of the heel of the binding to create a better flexing and more powerful tail of the ski.  

The 2019 Dynastar GS skis are the ski of choice for accomplished World Cup skiers David Ryding, Dominique Gisin and Nadia Fanchini.

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