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Fischer RC4 WC TWeener GS Race Skis 2021
Fischer RC4 WC TWeener GS Race Skis 2021

Fischer RC4 WC Tweener GS Race Skis 2021

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The 2021 Fischer RC WC Tweener GS race ski is Fischer's giant slalom ski geared toward racers transitioning from junior to adult skis. Fischer makes the Tweener GS ski in sizes 175cm and 180cm. This ski is meant to serve as a bridge from a junior ski to an adult ski. The ski is made more like an adult ski than a junior one, but it is slightly softer and has a shorter radius, making it easier to turn and handle for developing athletes. 

Current USSA regulations for U14's through U21's require a GS ski that is greater than 17 meters in radius, with no ski length requirement.  The strongest skis for the strongest athletes will still be the FIS designed skis, (e.g. the 193 and 188 lengths) but for athletes who are younger or less powerful, or athletes skiing shorter GS course sets, this type of Non-FIS ski can be the ideal tool for achieving great results.

Who is this ski made for:
We recommend the Fischer RC4 Tweener GS ski for U-16 racers who are coming off a junior ski size (generally 170cm and below) but who are not yet ready for the adult ski size (generally above 180cm). 

Radius & Dimensions:
175cm: 22.8 meters (103-65-86.6)
180cm: 24.1 meters (103-65-86.6)

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