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Hi Fred, 

Hope everything is well with yourself and your family. I just wanted to talk briefly about skiing and what the future holds for my racing. I'm just coming off of a very successful lacrosse season where I have been elected captain for next season and have attracted the interest of some college coaches. If I want to play lacrosse in college I need to attend a series of camps and showcases this summer which conflict with my ski training. After weeks of soul searching I've decided that lacrosse is the most feasible sport for me as I am handicapped trying to ski while at a prep school while I can remain competitive in lacrosse. It is a tough decision for me as I have enjoyed the skiing but cannot compete at the level I want to while at school.

Understand that I am incapable of fully expressing my gratitude for your support and guidance over the past few years. It would not have been possible for me to reach the level I have competed at without your assistance. This is a difficult decision for me to make but I cannot stay fully competitive with both sports and I need to choose one. I have enjoyed the skiing tremendously and am sad that my era as a ski racer may be over. I'll be sure to stop by next time I'm in Killington. I tried to call you at the store but nobody was around. It is unfortunate that I can't continue my ski racing journey as I had wished to but I will enjoy the lacrosse and wherever that takes me. 

 Thanks again for years of support, wisdom and assistance.