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2021 Head Junior GS Race Ski
2021 Head Junior GS Race Ski

Head Worldcup Rebels i.GS RD Team Jr. Skis 2021

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The 2021 Head World Cup Rebels i.GS RD Team junior giant slalom race ski is Head's race stock GS ski for junior athletes. This is a full-fledged race ski, with a full sidewall construction, made shorter and softer to accommodate lighter athletes. Head junior race skis are known for their superior edge hold while also being nimble enough for young racers who are still developing strength. The 2021 version of this ski features a similar construction and shape as the prior year model but comes with a newly designed race plate that allows for a truer flex throughout the turn.

Who is this ski made for?

This ski is designed for junior racers. While there are no GS ski size requirements for USSA competition, any athlete U-14 or older must use a ski with at least a 17 meter radius. There are no radius requirements for U-12 and younger athletes. Looking for a longer ski for a taller athlete? Check out the 2021 Head Non-FIS GS Race Ski.

Radius & Dimensions:

145cm: 14.2 meter radius (104 / 64 / 87)

152cm: 17.2 meter radius (101 / 64 / 85)

159cm: 17.2 meter radius (104 / 64 / 87)

166cm: 18.5 meter radius (105 / 65 / 89)

173cm: 21 meter radius (104 / 65 / 88)

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