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Infrared Waxing - Wintersteiger Wax Future
Infrared Waxing - Wintersteiger Wax Future

Infrared Waxing - Wintersteiger Wax Future

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At Peak Performance Ski Shop we offer infrared wax application with our Wintersteiger Wax Future - a World Cup quality double lamp infrared heat waxing machine.  Infrared waxing is a deep wax conditioning treatment that allows the wax to more fully saturate the base material of the skis than can be accomplished with traditional ironing and thermal bag/hot boxing.  This results in the deepest saturation level of waxing available - providing more perfect glide over longer distances - and helps keep your ski bases protected over a longer period of time.  

We offer three levels of infrared wax prep:

  • 1 Cycle:  Swix CHX 7 wax will deeply condition your new ski (or freshly ground) bases (recommended for Adult SL & all Junior skis)
  • 2 Cycles:  Swix Base Prep wax followed by Swix CHX7 (recommended for Adult GS, Super G & DH skis)
  • 3 Cycles:  Two cycles of Swix Base Prep wax followed by 1 cycle of Swix LFX7 (recommended for Adult GS, Super G & DH skis)
Infrared waxing is superior to traditional ironing in that it avoids "hot spots" that can occur. Your entire base is evenly heated perfectly under the moving infrared lamp. World Cup race service teams have been using infrared waxing machines for years, and infrared has all but replaced hot boxing. Infrared waxing allows greater initial saturation of wax into the ski base than ironing alone and allows the skis to be more completely saturated than ironing. This saves time and reduces the risk of overheating the ski base.  

In between cycles, your skis will be scraped and brushed before the next cycle is applied. If you would like to have your skis shipped with the last cycle left unscraped (with travel wax on them) please let us know.

We recommend 1 Cycle for all Adult SL and ALL junior race skis, and either 2 or 3 cycles for all adult GS, Super G and DH skis.

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