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Lange WC RS ZB 140 Flex Ski Boots 2020
Lange WC RS ZB 140 Flex Ski Boots 2020

Lange WC RS ZB 140 Flex Ski Boots 2021

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The 2020 Lange RS World Cup ZB ski boot is a low profile race boot built for high level adult racers. This is the boot that elite Lange athletes ski in at the highest levels, including the World Cup.  This is one of the narrowest race boots at 92mm and its thin racing cork flow lace liner makes this boot extremely responsive.  

In 2019 the Lange Dual Core shell was created by injecting two different types of plastic into the mold at the exact same time. This fantastic improvement remains in this 2020 version of the boots. Lange has injected hard plastic into the areas of the boot that transmit power to the ski, and softer plastic into areas that wrap the foot and the lower leg, creating sandwich construction that allows for elastic and absorption characteristics never achieved before.  This provides livelier rebound, and more progressive flex and support through the turn.  Just choose the appropriate flex and you are ready to go racing. 

Lange RS World Cup boots come in five different flexes:
    • ZSoft: 110 flex. This flex is new for 2021 and is designed for athletes progressing from the Lange 90 SC Boot.
    • ZJ+: 120 flex.  This is most popular with U16 athletes looking for a true race fit.
    • ZA+: 130 flex. This flex works best for skilled USSA and FIS athletes.
    • ZB: 140 flex.  This flex is designed for full size, elite male FIS athletes.
    • ZC: 150 flex.  If you can ski this boot they should be giving it to you for free.

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