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Look SPX 15 Rockerace Bindings 2020
Look SPX 15 Rockerace Bindings 2020

Look SPX 15 Rockerace Bindings 2020

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The all new 2020 Look SPX 15 Rockerace Binding is an elite adult race binding. For the 2019-20 season, Look has redesigned the previous version (the SPX 15 Rockerflex) to provide more power transmission to the skis, therefore giving the athlete more ability to bend the skis. The band between the toe and heel pieces has been removed, and Look has also provided a more solid connection in the heel of the binding. All of these changes will generate more power in the tail of the skis while providing more precise control over the flex of the skis.  

As with all bindings in the SPX race series, the SPX 15 Rockerace heel piece provides the longest travel of any binding on the market and prevents unwanted pre-release. The reinforced Pivot toe piece has multi-directional release with high vertical and lateral elastic travel to provide shock absorption, further reducing inadvertent release. 

The 2020 Look SPX 15 Rocker Race binding has a DIN range of 7-15, and is recommended for skiers skiing at a DIN of 8-14.  

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