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Iris X Lens - Yellow No Mirror
Iris X Lens - Yellow No Mirror

POC Iris X Replacement Lens 2018-19

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The 2018-19 POC Iris replacement lenses are compatible with all Iris frames from 2016-17 and newer.  These lenses by Zeiss Optics are the thickest (and therefore safest) snow goggle lenses on the market.  With clarity by Zeiss, ski racers can't go wrong with the POC Iris X lenses and goggle frames.  The Iris X Frame comes in 2 sizes, Small and Regular, so check your current lens to verify the correct size.  The size is printed on the front of the lens in the lower corner.

Yellow (No Mirror) - VLT 63%, S1
Sonar Orange (No Mirror) - VLT 45%, S1
Persimmon (Red Mirror) - VLT 35%, S2
Persimmon (Blue Mirror) - VLT 25%, S2
Bronze (Silver Mirror) - VLT 12%, S3
Black (No Mirror) - VLT 6%, S4

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