Service: Hot Box Wax
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Service: Hot Box Wax

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Well maintained and deeply conditioned skis are fast skis. Hot boxing is a great time saver and very effective tool that aids in base saturation. At Peak Ski Shop we utilize the Swix Hot Box system to improve the ski base and dramatically accelerate the process of getting your new and/or newly stone-ground skis race-ready.  World Cup race service teams have been hot boxing skis for years. It allows greater initial saturation of wax into the ski base than ironing alone and allows the skis to be fully saturated without applying repeated layers of wax with an iron. This saves time and reduces the risk of overheating the ski base. 

For the fastest skis, we recommend you add a Hot Box service when you purchase skis. Hot Box service is available two ways:  
  • Hot Box 1-Cycle:  Recommended for SL skis and all junior race skis. This is the 'standard' race prep hot box preparation.
  • Hot Box 3-Cycle:  Recommended for GS, Super G and DH skis. This is the best race prep for the fastest skis. 
For Hot Box 1-Cycle: The ski is hot waxed, then hot scraped and brushed.  Then Swix BP88 wax is applied to the ski, the skis are heated in a Swix Waxing Chamber for 3 hours to completely soak wax deeply into the base.  This procedure is the first step in creating fast gliding skis. 

For Hot Box 3-Cycle: Swix BP99, BP88 and LF7 waxes are applied to the ski (in that order) with scraping and brushing in between each coat. The skis are heated in a Swix Waxing Chamber for 3 hours for each wax (3 times total) to completely soak wax deeply into the base.  Since the base is pre-hardened after a 'race ready' 3-cycle Hot Box, the only service that is required after completion is the application of one or more layers of the proper temperature of the "wax of the day." The Hot Box 3-cycle service is usually done for GS, SG and DH skis where a couple of tenths make a difference.  This is the best way to create the fastest skis possible. 

So if you are looking to create the fastest skis possible, add a Hot Box service to your order.

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