Skier Quest Shinners 2018 (World Cup/XL)
Skier Quest Shinners 2018 (World Cup/XL)

Skier Quest Shinners 2018 (World Cup/XL)

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Skier Quest shin guards are a family owned brand designed and produced entirely in the USA.  Founded in 2005 by two avid ski racers, Skier Quest's guards are innovative for several reasons.  

They have a very comfortable fit right out of the box, but Skier Quest takes fit a step further by using a proprietary shatter proof plastic that will hold up in the harshest of environments, and is also moldable by hand - no heat required.  Does your athlete have skinny or very athletically built legs?  No problem!  It takes about 30 seconds to narrow or widen the guards, and once molded they stay that way. 

Skier Quest guards come in three sizes, Small, Large, and World Cup/XL.  The length of the guards (measured on the center line) are as follows:

    • Small (Junior):  11.5"
    • Large (Adult):  14.5" 
    • World Cup (Adult):  17.5"
Just keep in mind that the bottom of the guard is a bit longer on the outside edge.

Other innovative design features include vibrant colors that will help racer parents spot their athlete on the slopes to fully replaceable straps.  You can just swap in a new set of straps in about 30 seconds yourself, right on the hill.

Skier Quest Shinners are a great choice for alpine ski race athletes of any ability level.  From FIS to USSA U12's, these guards will stand up to years of abuse.

The World Cup version of the Skier Quest Shinners are available as a custom order in any color combination.  Please email us at [email protected] to place an order for a different color of guard.  Turn around time is approximately 3 weeks, and they are not returnable if a special order was placed.

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