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Peak Performance offers the ultimate in race ski services using the Snowglide Ski Edge Diamond Tuning Machine as seen in Ski Racing Magazine. 

Tuning skis by hand has been long practiced and highly revered, but it's also an aging technology.  In the search for a more efficient way to file and bevel steel edges that produced more accurate results and a more polished and faster edge finish, the Snowglide was born.  Created by Jean-Luc Pellazari, former Quality Control Manager of the Rossignol Race Department and refined with the help of Thor Verdonk, Alpine Product Manager and Race Services Director at Rossignol, as well as several other World Cup Ski Technicians the Snowglide will give you the highest quality side and edge tune you can get.

Verdonk says, "I strongly believe in the old adage you are only as strong as your weakest link, and for most juniors and many masters, tuning is one of their weakest links."  A precise and accurate tune from Peak Performance Ski Shop using the Snowglide machine can change that.

The benefits of Snowglide:

  1. Precise edge angles.  The Snowglide produces accurate bevel adjustments down to 1/10th of a degree.
  2. Edges stay sharper longer.  Multiple passes made by hand files inevitably generate angle variances, even when made in conjunction with a bevel guide, which compromises the steel edge's sharpness and smoothness.  The ski edge surface produced with the Snowglide is 75% smoother than that of a surface produced with a hand pulled file.
  3. Extended life of your race skis.  Since the Snowglide removes considerably less edge material than a file, it can extend the life of a race ski up to five or six seasons (with careful use and not excessive training wear).
  4. Correctly set effective bevel angles in ski tips and tails.  The Snowglide easily cuts through extra hard edges at tips and tails often created in the finishing process at the factory.  These tip and tail edges plague technicians when preparing new skis.  Most junior and masters racers never get tips and tails sharp enough because they can�t cut through this hardened steel to correctly set effective bevel angles.

As of January 2009, the Snowglide was being used by technicians on the U.S., Swiss, French and Slovenian National Teams, the Rossignol Factory Team and some race clubs and academies. 

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