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Stockli Laser AR Skis 2021
Stockli Laser AR Skis 2021

Stockli Laser AR Skis 2021

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Item Number: : STOCKLI-21-SKI-LASER-AR
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The 2021 Stockli Laser AR skis are a great choice for the person who wants to spend the day making athletic turns on and off the trails. The Stockli Laser AR is designed for both men and women, and is available in sizes 154cm, 161cm, 168cm, and 171cm. This ski features Stockli's famous handmade construction. The Swiss craftsmen designed the Laser AR with a lightweight core, a slight rocker in the tip, and a wider shovel, which make this ski turn incredibly easy. This ski also features Stockli's Torsion Racing Technology (TRT). By making lengthwise cuts to the Titanal in the tip and tail, TRT makes the ski easier to engage and disengage at the top and bottom of the turn. This gives the ski an easier feel and smoother progression throughout the turn.

The Peak Review:
We absolutely love the this Stockli Laser AR ski. Don't let the extra width fool you - this thing turns like a slalom ski when you want it to. And the extra width not only allows you to go off trail when desired, it also gives the ski incredibly stability at speeds. If you like skiing groomers, but also doing a little of everything else, this ski is for you.

Radius & Dimensions:
154cm: 130-83-112 (12.4m radius) 
161cm: 130-83-112 (13.7m radius) 
168cm: 130-83-112 (15.1m radius) 
175cm: 123-83-112 (16.5m radius)

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