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Stockli Neela 88 Skis 2021
Stockli Neela 88 Skis 2021

Stockli Nela 88 Skis 2021

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Item Number: : STOCKLI-21-SKI-NEELA-88
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The 2021 Stockli Nela 88 is a Stockli women's all mountain & freeride ski for the 2021 season. New for Stockli, the Nela line is manufactured with a construction, shape and design made specifically for women. The Nela 88 is the very definition of an all mountain, freeride ski. At 88mm underfoot this is a perfect on or off-piste ski, ready for any ad-venture. The lightweight shovel and tail rocker allow the Nela turn incredibly easily and give it plenty of float in powder. Like all Stockli skis, the Nela 88 is handcrafted in Switzerland by some of the world's best ski makers.

The Peak Review:
We found the Nela 88 incredibly easy to turn and an all-around fun ski in pretty much any condition. With a bit of width underfoot, this ski can hold its own in powder and crud. But you'll also be surprised by how well this ski holds on hard snow. Designed specifically for women, Stockli is on to something with their new Nela line. We love it!

Radius & Dimensions:
152cm: 13.4 meters (127/88/113)
160cm: 15 meters (127/88/113)

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