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Swix CH Wax Bulk 180 Gram Temp 6
Swix CH Wax Bulk 180 Gram Temp 6

Swix CHX Wax Bulk 180 Gram Temp 6

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Swix CHX6 is a hydrocarbon wax can be used alone as a race wax for cold conditions when the air humidity is low.  The Swix CHX6 and CHX7 are the two most popular waxes in the Swix line especially with our winter temperatures in Vermont.  This wax is very durable and performs very well on artificial snow.  Swix CHX6 is the most popular wax for medium cold conditions 14-23 F degrees above zero.  This was is typically mixed with CHX5 or CHX7 and sometimes used along the underfoot ski edges to give extra protection from base burn.  The addition of  Swix LF, Swix HF, or Swix Cera F overlays will make skis faster in all race conditions.  

Recommended temp range is 14 F to 23 F  or -5 C  to -10 C.  Recommended iron temp: (293 F) or (145 C)

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