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Swix HFX Wax 40 Gram Temp 6
Swix HFX Wax 40 Gram Temp 6

Swix HFX Wax 40 Gram Temp 6

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The Swix HF waxes are an excellent choice in making your skis faster without having a World Cup Wax tech by your side.  The system makes it easy to choose the correct type of wax and the waxes are easy to apply.  Just wax your skis as normal with Swix CH or LF with the desired temperature range and then use the Swix HF series wax as your final coat.  The warmer it is, the faster these waxes are. Use Swix HFX6 wax for medium cold conditions.  It works great on artificial and natural snow. This is the most popular wax for medium cold conditions of 14-23 degrees F.  The addition of Swix LF, Swix HF, or Swix Cera F overlays will make skis faster in all race conditions.  

Recommended temp range is 14 F to 23 F or -5 C to -10 C. Recommended iron temp: (293 F) or (145 C)

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