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Swix LFX Wax 60 Gram Temp 7
Swix LFX Wax 60 Gram Temp 7

Swix LFX Race Wax (All Temps)

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Swix LFX is a fluorinated hydrocarbon wax used in normal winter conditions and can also be used alone as a race wax.  It performs extremely well on artificial snow and has great durability. Swix LFX wax comes in five different temperatures: LF5, LF6, LF7, LF8, and LF10. Often times, different temperatures are mixed to more closely match the snow temperature. Swix LFX waxes come in two sizes: 60 grams (good for about 5-10 uses) and 180 grams (good for about 15-20 uses).

Temperature Ranges:
Temp 5: -10°C/-18°C
Temp 6: -6°C/-12°C
Temp 7: -2°C/-8°C 
Temp 8: -4°C/+4°C 
Temp 10: 0°C/+10°C 

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