Swix LFX Wax 180 Gram Temp 8
Swix LF8X Wax 180 Gram 39F to 25F

Swix LFX Wax 180 Gram Temp 8

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Swix LFX8 is a fluorinated hydrocarbon wax for warmer winter/spring conditions and can be used alone as a race wax. It performs very well on melting snow and has great durability. Swix LFX8 is a great wax for warm conditions and a great travel wax as it soaks into the ski very easily. This is the most popular wax for warm sunny winter conditions and spring 25-39F degrees. Most times this wax is mixed with Swix LFX7 or LFX10 to raise or lower the desired temperature range. The addition of Swix LF, Swix HF, or Swix Cera F overlays will make skis faster in all race conditions.
Recommended temp range is 25F to 39 F  or -4C  to 4 C. Recommended iron temp: (266F ) (130C). 

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