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Volkl Kendo 88 Skis 2021
Volkl Kendo 88 Skis 2021

Volkl Kendo 88 Skis 2021

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The 2021 Volkl Kendo 88 ski is back and unchanged from the 2020 model, aside from graphics. Why change a good thing? Redesigned for the 2020 season, Volkl added to the Kendo a Titanal frame and carbon tip that made the Volkl Mantra such a crowd pleaser. The addition of those features to the Kendo has made it more stable at speed. The 2021 Volkl Kendo also has Volkl's 3D radius sidecut, allowing it to pretty much make any size turn you can think of.

Now with the same Titanal frame and carbon tips that the beloved M5 Mantra has, the Volkl Kendo 88 now has the stability, strength and lightness to keep things nimble.  Volkl has also applied their 3D Radius Sidecut to the 2020 Kendo - which gives the skier the ability to make different length turns depending on how you lay it over - a huge versatility enhancement. 

The Peak Review:
Nimble, light, and quick-turning, the 2021 Volkl Kendo is an ideal East Coast ski that will carve the smoothest turns you can imagine. You can actually hear the Kendo slice through the the snow when you really get it on edge. We love this ski, and think you will too!

Radius & Dimensions:
163cm:  129-88-111 (15.0m radius)
170cm:  129-88-111 (16.8m radius)
177cm:  129-88-111 (18.6m radius)
184cm:  129-88-111 (19.8m radius)

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