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Peak Performance Ski Shop offers the best prices on a wide selection of Swix wax and tools — the gold standard for World Cup racing - and the rest of us too!  Swix’s Cera Nova system of waxes offer base preparation, training and racing in all temperatures and snow conditions.  Swix’s color-coded wax is essential for a smoother glide, speed, control, easier turning and protection of the equipment. Generally, use green wax for cold conditions, blue wax for normal winter conditions, and red and yellow waxes for warmer conditions.

Each type of Swix wax is formulated to provide an optimal balance of water and dirt repellency, abrasion resistance, base penetration, and temperature range consistency. Read on to learn more about the different types of Swix wax. 

CH: Hydrocarbon
Swix CH waxes contain 100% high performance hydrocarbon paraffins, with no fluorocarbon in the blends. Although they are a more affordable racing wax, Swix’s colder CH waxes perform very well alone, and the warmer waxes make a good base layer for Swix Cera F.

LF: Low Fluorocarbon
Swix LF waxes are fluorinated hydrocarbon waxes with a low percentage of low-melt point fluoro additive. Swix’s LF waxes can be used as training waxes, racing waxes with Cera F as a final layer, or alone as a race wax at lower temperatures. 

HF: High Fluorocarbon
Swix’s HF waxes provide fast acceleration and maximum glide when it matters most. HF waxes have a high percentage of a low-melt point fluorocarbon additive. HF waxes are durable, dirt-resistant, and perform in a wide range of temperatures. They can be used alone, or in combination with a Cera F over layer.

Cera F: 100% Fluorocarbon
Swix’s Cera F products are not waxes—they are 100% Fluorinated carbons. Cera F is designed to be a final layer used for races when a few hundredths can make all the difference. The raw material is of the purest quality specifically synthesized for racing bases.
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